Oyster enough to feed a small country

8 Sep

Another picture post. As you might guess, I’m pretty busy with 11 hours of school everyday and all that…

Went to Chiayi, the county under Yunlin (the place I live) to see an oyster cultivating thing with my host family and their oldest daughter (that was what they said – but family is a very flexible thing here), her husband and their son.


The oyster... fields?

I'm still alive! With my... host nephew, I guess 🙂

Oyster shells used as a decoration in the 'museums'.

It was unbearably hot, and sunshine! The first time I've seen the sun since I arrived, it's always cloudy.

We had lunch at a small restaurant. The meal consisted of 11 or 12 different oyster dishes, oyster with that, oyster with soy, oyster with spices... More oyster than you can possibly imagine!

Me with my host family 🙂

A fish market

To look at the goods you had to zig-zag among the fish.

And they were all looking at me!

A shark!

A temple nearby

Oyster shells were everywhere in the small villages, towers of them outside every house.

A space center thing where we went to, but it was extremely hot, so we left after a short while.

A great trip with my great host family, it was fun to see more of Taiwan!


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