The best thing about Taiwan: the people!

10 Sep

They are REALLY good at making posters here - our classmates made this! Click on a picture to enlarge it!

Wednesday started out as a perfectly ordinary day. Little did we know that when we came home that night we had gained at least 5 kg! I took 200 pictures that day, which is why I’m splitting Tuesday into two posts.

Our (now we are four; Devin, Claire, me and Dasha from Russia) day started with us being interviewed and filmed for local television. At ten o’clock we went to the Library for our ‘welcome party’. They had told us about it, but we had no idea what to expect. Experience has taught that if we have any expectations at all, they will turn out completely wrong – now we expect the unexpected. Our host families were there, with some people from the Rotary clubs, our teachers, classmates and other people from the school.

Classmates + camera

In the library 🙂

The important people, and behind them some posters our classmates had made for us.

Eating cake, croissant, Italian pastry, cake and hotdogs.

Our art teacher being very Taiwanese: trying to make me eat more. They all like to do this.

Some of the girls in our class

Our home room teacher Mr. Pen

Music teacher and art teacher

The Librarian - known for being very strict, but she's nice to us^^

We were all completely baffled – this school is amazing!
Our classmates had made beautiful posters for us, no less than 5 – one for each of us to take home, and one for the classroom.

I can't believe they made these!

The poster that hangs in our classroom - all of our classmates wrote a small note for us!

And I really like this one…:

A pity I can't remember who Oh-Ya is...

After eating, drinking, taking a million pictures and receiving gifts, we went to a restaurant to eat lunch with our host families, teacher and some of the other people. We were all overwhelmed – how can we live up to this? I couldn’t be more grateful for everything they do.

The gifts we received!

At the restaurant - the food was delicious. I was already full from eating cake, but this did not stop me from eating a lot of food...

Claire, Dasha and Devin.

After this we went back to the school to have a barbecue (I’ll write another blog post about this), and at the end of the day we had our classmates sign the posters they had made us.

Signing Claire's poster....

... and mine.

It was a wonderful day – suddenly a year seems like such a short time for us to have with all of these wonderful people!


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