My room, orchids, dumplings, a fire station and more.

13 Sep

First some pictures of my room, then some pictures from the last couple of days:

My bed and closet

The poster my classmates made

My desk and bookcase. I haven't turned on the tv yet. What you can see to the left is the floor - you go in, take your shoes off and then go up the 30 cms to the wooden elevated floor where everything else is. A Taiwanese phenomena.

My private food stash, my host family keep giving me food for 'if I get hungry'. Not a big chance I will, as the Taiwanese eat 24/7. But if the door got stuck, I think I'd be able to survive in here for a couple of weeks, which is kind of reassuring...

I got one with my (Chinese) name. This is made especially for calligraphy. Beautiful, right?

We went to my host parents’ flower company again (they call it the flower garden). It’s amazing, and this time I took a lot of pictures.

In front of a batch they were sending to South Korea.

From a party at the police station Friday night. Sushi, beer and karaoke!

Me with the fire chief (what he called himself) of Yunlin County (the area I live in) and his wife. They really wanted to take a picture with me 🙂

My host mother taught me how to make dumplings. They are delicious, so I’ll try to make them when I come back home. It’s not that difficult, it just takes a lot of time.

We went hiking in the mountains after eating dumplings, or well, it started raining after 45 minutes so we had to go home, which was annoying. I want to go hiking again! The mountains are so beautiful.

And it was 9-9-99 the other day, a very special day (it’s year 99 here in Taiwan). Because 9 sounds like the Chinese word for ‘long’ a lot of people got married this day – they think it is a lucky day, and that the date will help their marriage to last. Many numbers have special meanings, e.g. 4 sounds like ‘death’, and the Taiwanese (and Chinese) will try to avoid anything with that number.

I’m really enjoying myself here, and I feel incredibly lucky to have this chance, to meet all these people, experience, learn, taste and be a part of another culture. Every day is a new adventure in Taiwan!


2 Responses to “My room, orchids, dumplings, a fire station and more.”

  1. Wei-Chu Chie September 14, 2010 at 07:10 #

    Hi! Lise,

    I am Wei-Chu (weichu), your father’s colleague in National Taiwan University. Your father referred me to your lovely blog. It is really great to visit our country during this 9999 season. I am still not clear where you have stayed. I mean, which city or town or school in Yunlin? And, your Chinese name. It looks like ‘Chen’ as last name. How about the other two characters? They are in ancient style and hard to identify. It seems that your host family is an orchid farmer. Orchid is famous in Taiwan. They bring money to the farmer and quality of life to those who purchased them. Did you make Taiwanese friends? Will they visit your country? Have a nice new semester!

    Best Regards,

    • Lise September 14, 2010 at 15:33 #

      Hi Weichu!
      Thank you very much for taking an interest! I’m staying in 大埤鄉 (the closest bigger cities are 斗六 and 斗南) in 雲林縣, and attending 永年High School (in Tuku). My Chinese name is 陳依忛 :)
      And it is an exciting time to be in Taiwan, I especially look forward to the lunar new year where it will be year 100!
      Yes, my host family have an Orchid Company, and I agree, orchids are wonderful. Extremely beautiful!
      I feel like I have already made many Taiwanese friends, and some of them say they will visit me, but I think they will find Denmark very cold if they ever come!
      Thank you again – I’m sure I’ll have a wonderful time in Taiwan because it it such an amazing country!


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