One month

22 Sep

33 days
32 nights (of which 5 were spent sleeping at friends’ houses)
14 blog entries
New perspectives on life
A lot of weird food
50 new good friends and 300 new acquaintances
Innumerable memories
A lot of Chinese
Almost no tears
400 kg rice
No bread
1 package from home
Many presents and small notes from other students
Uncountable new experiences
1528 photos
Many personal barriers transcended
Very little sleep
A typhoon and two earthquakes
4 new different school uniforms
Plenty of fun
A lot of money
Broadened horizons
An abundance of mosquito bites
Faint but definitely visible tan lines
A moon festival and a ghost festival

And much much more.

This month has been the craziest, most wonderful and enlightening experience I have ever had. It’s been absolutely amazing, and I’m already sad that I have to leave Taiwan in 9 months – it seems like such a short time. When I look back at this first month I can’t decide whether it seems like two years or two days, but I know that I have learnt more in this month than I would’ve thought possible. Wow.

Some pictures from the last two days:

Our classmate 仁斌 (Ren-Bin) had his birthday Tuesday, and we decided that we, despite his protests, wanted to celebrate it. We (the four exchange students) bought a T-shirt that we all wrote on and gave him as a birthday present. We made him wear it all day, and I hope we didn't embarrass him too much, but I think we all had fun (including 仁斌)!

Picking up today's lunch at the cafeteria and the backside of 仁斌's T-shirt. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Picking up today's lunch at the cafeteria and the backside of 仁斌's T-shirt. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

But we (the birthday kid, Jhuyn-Shour and the 4 exchange students) didn't eat with the rest of the class, we had a party in the gym! It consisted of cookies only (yes, no rice)! Awesome.

Barbecue at a police station and me showing my barbecue-skills.

Moon cakes - today was the moon festival, and this has been celebrated the last couple of weeks by eating extreme amounts of pomelos and moon cakes.

We had no school because of the moon festival, so we decided to go to Janfusun amusement park in Gukeng. We = Claire, Claire's host brother De-Juan, Devin, Devin's host brother Shuy-ya, and his friend Song-how, Anne-Marie (Finnish exchange student who lives in Douliou), Jessica, Chiayu and a guy from their class.

Funjusan is a fun amusement park set against the gorgeous backdrop of the mountains. Being build on the side of a mountain it has the most beautiful view, and on this picture we are in the park's most famous attraction, the Ferris Wheel. Chiayu, Claire and Jessica.

Me and Anne-Marie with Gukeng behind us.

Some of the park from above. We tried (or played, as the Taiwanese kept saying) many of the things in the park, including G-5, a scary rollercoasterthing (twice) and Space Shot (som det gyldne tårn) (thrice) and played for a long time in the children's area... Hey, don't judge, they had tons of small squishy balls you could throw/shoot at each other!

In the evening I went for a walk with my host family and Kelly's family, became a part of a promotion video for Douliou University and went to eat... PIZZA!

Three small miracles: Pizza, fork and knife (!!!) and CHEESE.

It was all-you-can-eat, so we ate all-we-could-eat-and-more. Walking to the car was hard with a stomach that full.

My youngest host brother.

I ❤ Taiwan!


2 Responses to “One month”

  1. Michael September 22, 2010 at 17:46 #

    Hey Lise. I’ve been reading you’re blog entries since you gave me your card back in Tainan. Good stuff. I just wanted to say that we ate at that pizza place for my birthday last Friday. It was sooooo good. I missed cheese so much. I was one happy kid hahah

  2. bjarturinecuador September 23, 2010 at 05:50 #

    I’m just so fucking happy for us. All I have to say, really.

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