Danshuei and Trinity temple in Yilan

6 Oct

I’ve been lazy with the posts lately, been busy and tired. After coming home from my 11-hour school day I eat dinner and then all I want to do is to sleep sleep sleep. I have no idea how the Taiwanese students survive, they study like crazy and sleep (way) less than me!

All paperwork is done now and I received my Alien Resident Certificate – I am now officially an Alien Resident, who hasn’t dreamed about being that? Sounds pretty spacey. I got it from the conveniently named ‘Yunlin County Service Station Service Affairs Corps National Immigration Agency’ (YCSSSACNIA for short??).

But everything’s amazing and I’m enjoying every day. Some pictures:

Trinity Temple in Yilan

A man 'possessed by a god' cutting himself with various weapons, from knives to swords and a morning star. There was a lot of blood all over but the man didn't feel any pain, my host family assured me.

The three gods of the temple.

A woman possessed by a god.

The view from the temple, a flower-shaped lake.

Other temples presenting their gods to the temple I visited, a big procession of people.

Pictures from a trip to Danshuei in Taipei:

My host family, an aunt, an uncle and a cousin in Danshuei, Taipei.

I’ve been here a month and a half now – time flies!


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