The beautiful mountains

27 Oct

Unfortunately the trip to Kaohsiung this weekend was cancelled Friday night at 21 because of a typhoon. Despite the initial disappointment and my packed bags mocking me, I still managed to have a wonderful weekend though, thanks to my host family.

My host family and Kelly’s family were going to run the ‘Yunlin Legend’ race in Douliu Saturday, and since I wasn’t going to Kaohsiung they asked me if I wanted to join them. It was only 6 km, so I figured I could just as well join them. Though when we got to the place Saturday morning I got a bit of a surprise, because it wasn’t 6 km, but 10. I finished though, and got a navy polo shirt and a diploma (haha) and later we went shopping and I bought some great new Nike sneakers for only 990 元, (ca 180 dkk).

Later that night we went to the night market where we had great food and drinks. After that we went to get a foot massage, which felt great… afterwards. During, the massage/torture was extremely painful, and it was impossible for me to keep still, something that amused the others quite a bit, they used the time taking pictures of me and laughing. At least somebody had fun! But my feet felt great the next couple of days.

Sunday we went to the mountains, which was the most beautiful thing I have seen in Taiwan so far.

We actually just went up into the mountains to eat lunch, but I found a trail close to where we ate, and finally managed to convinced some of the other children to go with me. This proved to be the best decision of the day.

A bamboo forest…

Tea bushes.

There were many small black swallow-like birds, beautiful butterflies and other exotic insects..

The view from where we had lunch. Not bad, huh?

And one last thing, completely unrelated…

... my hair! The sun has bleached it, and I'm positive I'll return to Denmark being blonde. Only the hair closest to the back of my neck is now my normal colour!


2 Responses to “The beautiful mountains”

  1. Irene Rekling October 27, 2010 at 20:10 #

    Kære Lise,
    Det ser skønt og spændende ud, og det er dejligt at se, at du er sund og glad og at du er kommet til en sød familie. Hilsen og knus fra os alle 4

  2. kelly October 29, 2010 at 13:02 #

    Can you sent me the pictures of my family??

    Thanks ~~!!

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