My birthday

17 Nov

Another first, my first (and last?) birthday in Taiwan. It was a great day that started 5.30 where I got up, and skyped with my family. They sang the danish birthday song for me, and I opened the package they had sent me with presents. My birthday gift from them is a danish driver’s license, which is quite a big deal, and really makes me happy, although also slightly scared (me, in a car? Is that a good idea?). I went to school, and many people, classmates, friends and other students wished me happy birthday, gave me cards and even presents.

Happy birthday in Danish, Russian, English, German, French, Chinese and Taiwanese!

Even my calligraphy teacher gave me a present!

In Chinese class our teacher drove us to Huwei to buy pizza, and in the lunch break and the following 30 minutes nap time (where the students sleep – we exchange students are at the library) Claire, Dasha, Devin, Ren-Bin, Jhyun-Shoun, Xiang and me had a small feast in the gym with pizza, instant noodles (it took me and Xiang 30 minutes to pick out 7 packs of noodles, buying noodles is a serious matter here, and our small 3-aisle supermarket has one aisle of just instant noodles!), western candy and even a birthday cake Xiang had bought for me, that I put Danish flags in.

The other exchange students got me lots of western candy, a great and delicious present.

Preparing the noodles, a team effort...

Birthday cake!

Wow - quite a birthday!

It was a great day, and reminded me that I have amazing friends here! And now I’m 18! I look forward to getting back to Denmark and actually be an adult (I’m still 8 rather than 18 here, maturity and responsibility aren’t the same things here as in Denmark).

Love from Taiwan




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  1. Penny November 17, 2010 at 16:57 #

    Happy birthday =)

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