I’m back!

11 May

Hi : )

So, a lot has happened.

I’m writing this from Taiwan. Something that may not come as a surprise to most of you, but, well…

Long story short, I’d been sick since January, stomach problems, throwing up, sleeping 14 hours a day and such, went to Taiwanese doctors, who all said I had a common cold – clearly not the case – and called my insurance company for them to find a hospital in Taiwan where I could be tested, talked to their doctor Saturday (who thought I had a kind of parasite), received plane tickets Sunday night, took the plane home Wednesday and saw my family in the airport Thursday. Whew, all pretty unexpected.

All in all I had a month in Denmark. The first days went with hospital stuff and tests, but after that I got to see all my friends, classmates, pretty much my entire family, eat good food, have freedom, party, bike, go to cities, walk in the forest and everything else I had missed. Because of easter, everyone was on vacation, there were lots of events, and I had a great time that made it all the harder to go back to my much more limited life in Taiwan. The insurance company thought it best if I stayed in Denmark and had even more tests, but I chose to return to Taiwan to finish what I started – it would be a strange way to end the year otherwise, with no goodbyes and no closure.

So, last week I came back to Taiwan to my third host family, which seems very nice. They have a daughter who’s 16, a boy around 15 and a 7-year old girl. It’s nice to see my friends again. but less enjoyable to come back to the open sewers, rice at every meal, the many rules, being treated like a child and all of that, but now I see it as a long ‘vacation’; it’s only 6 weeks more, and I can laugh at it all. There are still many things I want to do in Taiwan, and I lots of plans for the last weeks before I go home for good on June 23rd, just in time for graduation parties, Roskilde festival and vacation with my family!


2 months in pictures:

Fun in Tainan

Japanese cherry blossoms at Alishan (Ali mountain).

At Alishan there were trees with different shapes, some of which you had to use your imagination a lot to see what it was supposed to be. This one... judge for yourself.

A Taiwanese-style card we made for Carol, a Brazilian exchange student who had to return early because of the earthquake in Japan.

Carol's farewell party, Japanese barbecue.

A school fair, every class had a booth and sold things, mostly food or drinks.

My first host brother Ernie, who came home from Japan because of the earthquake and still hasn't returned.

A classmate - and the beautiful uniform.

School busses...

... inside mine.

A trip with 60 exchange students from 3 districts to the Penghu Islands in the strait between Taiwan and China.

Marcio (Brazil), Dani (Brazil) and Sin (Thailand).

Oscar (Mexico) and Dasha (Russia)


Meanwhile in Taiwan... Life is good!

I ate this. Hurrah for Taiwanese food.

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Squids splashing water at innocent exchange students.

Saw the beach for the first time in Taiwan! Had lots of fun with water scooters, banana boats and things like that.

On the airplane, going home asian-style. I don't blame the man behind me for looking at me like that.

And back in Denmark with DANISH FOOD, YEAAAAAAAAHHH! This is beyond words.

And spring! The most beautiful time of the year in Denmark.

Space-themed party <3<3<3

Oh, the sweet sound of lightsabers in the air.

... and back in Taiwan. My host sister with a princess crown I gave her, isn't she cute?

My host brother

And the other host sister, at her aunt's house, where they have birds flying around inside. Nothing is strange in Taiwan.


See you soon!


2 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. Maura May 11, 2011 at 22:47 #

    I am going to Taiwan for Exchange with Rotary in 2011-2012. Did you enjoy your exchange year? recommend it to others?

  2. Tim August 17, 2011 at 16:21 #

    Hey hihi! I am from singapore!
    Wondering if u able to get my gf and i a set or two of the gals uniforms from taiwanese schs? C:

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